A passionate team recognized for its unbiased and honest advice.

GreenSaver is Ontario’s oldest not-for-profit organization providing energy audits and residential energy efficiency services. Over the past 2 decades we’ve performed over 46,000 energy assessments and helped develope the ecoENERGY audit. GreenSaver is a trusted source of unbias information to government, media and stakeholders.

Quality equipment, work and advice, all guaranteed

GreenSaver Energy Advisors (CEAs) are trained and certified under Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY program. Many are active home inspectors as well. To ensure the best analysis, the GreenSaver CEA who inspects your home is the same person who writes the report.

Our CEAs and energy services team are experts in the building sciences, and will always recommend the most cost-efficient upgrade work. Greensaver Sources the best array of energy improvement products and services in the market to ensure every customer reduces their energy bills and enjoys increased comfort for years to come. upgrade work to our customers.

The power of experience

GreenSaver’s management team has many years of experience in both the green technology and energy industries (having worked with gas and electricity utilities as well as various branches of government). Our people possess a far-reaching grasp of the technologies, policies and trends that affect our industry and are tireless proponents of renewable energy and entrepreneurship.