About Us

GreenSaver is Ontario’s oldest not-for-profit energy efficiency organization. We’re an integrative company focused on solutions to conservation and the built environment.  We work for electric utilities, gas utilities, homeowners and contractors all in an effort to reduce energy consumption, lower costs and reduce our collective environmental footprint.  And we’re proud of the work we do.

We manage Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) portfolios for utilities, implementing programs to help them achieve their energy conservation targets.  Cost-effective program administration makes sense for utilities with limited CDM budgets – we ensure that incentives get through to happy customers.  Find out how here.

We have a strong commitment to helping those in need.  We’re the provincial leader in delivery of the Home Assistance Program (HAP), which provides free home upgrades to Ontarians who have the highest energy burden.  Over the past 5 years we’ve performed over 55,000 HAP energy audits, helping people province-wide reduce their energy bills.

We also work directly for homeowners, providing help for common issues with building envelope solutions.  Our CEAs and energy services team are experts in the building sciences, and will always recommend the most cost-efficient upgrade work.  Learn more here.  Quality equipment, work and advice, are all guaranteed.

GreenSaver’s management team has many years of experience in both the green technology and energy industries (having worked with gas and electricity utilities as well as various branches of government). Our people possess a far-reaching grasp of the technologies, policies and trends that affect our industry and are tireless proponents of renewable energy and entrepreneurship.