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Diversify your corporate benefits package with environmentally conscious benefits. 

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GreenSaver can help you with your CSR and HR needs by offering an innovative Employee Benefits Package

✓ Program design

✓ Implementation

✓ Administration and reporting

GreenSaver can help you with your CSR and HR needs by offering an innovative Employee Benefits Package

✓ Diversify your corporate benefits package with environmentally conscious benefits

✓ Improve employee productivity

✓ Provide meaningful CSR tools to your employees

✓ Distinguish your organization with stakeholders

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EcoBenefits™ Package Outline

EcoBenefits™ is an employee-centered series of financial and non-financial incentives which encourage engagement in environmentally responsible practices. The EcoBenefits™ encourage employees to practice sustainable customs both while at work as well as throughout their external lives. These incentives are developed with the organization’s employee base in mind and work to implement the company’s long-term environmental and economic sustainability through positive employee practices.

An example of one of the financial benefits is the Transit Allowance, where employees are offered a financial incentive “payback” for commuting to work using public transit rather than driving.

An example of a non-financial benefit is the Volunteer Work benefit, where employees are granted two paid days/year to volunteer within external non-profit and charitable organizations. This benefit encourages employees to become more involved in the energy efficiency sector and within their communities.

Business advantages of choosing EcoBenefits™


Employee engagement in the EcoBenefits™ package has shown to improve overall work efficiency; reduce carbon emissions and lower company operational costs. The available incentives have had positive impact on performance and policies with regards to all three business reporting frameworks: Social, Environmental and Economic. This triple-tiered framework is referred to as the triple bottom line. Some of the positive impacts of the EcoBenefits™ package include:

Social Framework Impacts – Increased company engagement and loyalty, employee retention, increase in social engagement within the community and within the environmental sector

Environmental Framework Impacts – Increase in employees with a sustainable mindset, reduced carbon emissions as a result of sustainable transportation and sustainable waste management, reduction in average commute time, increase in energy-efficient practices at home

Economic Framework Impacts – Improvement in work efficiency, lowering of company’s operational costs, increase in customer satisfaction as a result of business practices

The promotion of green practices amongst employees in the workplace works to create a healthy environment for employees, reduces carbon usage and waste production, and positively identifies the company as a leader in the way of sustainability and corporate environmental responsibility.

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