Business Refrigeration Incentives Program

Get up to $2500 in free installed upgrades for your business. 


Do you own a restaurant, food service, or business that uses commercial refrigeration equipment? Did you know that commercial refrigeration could make up as much as
55-75% of your electricity costs?

The BRI Program could provide up to $2,500 in free, installed energy efficient upgrades for your business’ bottom line. These upgrades, like new walk-in cooler and freezer fans, night curtains, or humidity and evaporator fan controls are designed to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. There is also a free onsite refrigeration assessment to identify upgrade opportunities.

The BRI Program is offered throughout Ontario, brought to you by your local Hydro company and may be delivered by GreenSaver.

Night Curtains on Display Coolers
– Keeps food fresher
– Reduces electrical consumption by up to 50% when in use

Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Upgrades
– Saves electricity
– Improves appliance performance

Evaporator Fan Controls
– Saves energy by running fans only when necessary

Strip Curtains on Walk-In Appliances
– Reduces cold air loss by up to 75%

Condenser Cleaning
– Clears away debris to help equipment run more efficiently

Chilled Unit Energy Savers (CUES)
– Assists in temperature control to reduce compressor cycles by up to 55%

Anti-Sweat Heater Controls
– Prevents heaters from running unless humidity levels reach 55%, rather than constantly

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Your business is eligible for this program if:
– You have a Business (non-residential) account with your hydro provider
– You use commercial-grade refrigeration equipment
– Your average annual peak demand is less than 250 kW (We can help you determine your annual peak demand)
– You own your refrigeration equipment or the equipment owner will provide consent for the eligible measures to be installed

Businesses that have participated in this program include:
– Restaurants and cafes
– Convenience stores
– Florists
– Banquet halls
– Grocery stores
– Bakeries
…and many more!

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If you do not see your Hydro provider listed, please contact your provider directly to inquire about how to access the Business Refrigeration Incentive in your area.

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