Retrofit Program

Earn up to 50% of your project costs with the Save on Energy Retrofit Program.

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Program Details

We provide application support and engineering assistance to business owners in select areas in Ontario.

Most small business owners would be happy to upgrade their facilities and install energy-efficient equipment. However, capital costs, paperwork and delays make saying yes sometimes difficult.

The Retrofit Program’s incentives can reduce the project cost on your upgrade by up to 50%. That’s lower utility bills and less maintenance at potentially half the project cost.

Find out what you could be eligible for by calling the GreenSaver Business Team at 1-888-855-3106. For more information, visit the Retrofit Program website.

How We Can Help

Confused by the application process? We can help.

Small business owners have the inclination to save money on energy bills and reduce operations costs, but often don’t have the time to navigate an often complicated application process. Our key account and engineering teams provide one-on-one support to small business owners so they understand what incentives are available to them. We can even walk you through the application and help you understand the process of hiring a contractor and how the incentive money is allocated.

Approved application –> work is performed –> incentive received.


To get started on your application now, contact us at:

[email protected]
Toronto: 416-203-3106
Across Ontario: 1 (888) 855-3106

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