Residential New Construction

Builders: get as much as $2,000.00 per home in incentives



Are you building a completely new home or conducting a major renovation? You could get incentives ranging from $500-2,000 per home with the Residential New Construction (RNC) program.

The RNC Program is designed to encourage energy efficient home builds throughout Ontario. Brought to you by your Hydro company and delivered by GreenSaver, RNC can make a big difference in a builder’s bottom line.

Performance Incentives

$500 for every new home that achieves an EnerGuide 83 or 84 rating*
$500 for every new home that is certified ENERGY STAR®*
$1,000 for every new home that achieves an EnerGuide 85 or higher rating*

*As established by Natural Resources Canada

Prescriptive Incentives

$50 per house for Master-of-all off switch that controls all electrical sockets in the house (hard-wired)

$30 per house for ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner (CAC) minimum 15 SEER and 12.5 EER as identified by the IESO**

$5 per bulb for ENERGY STAR® certified lighting (Recessed lighting must have GU24 replacement, Under-the-counter lighting, LED lighting)

$3 per unit for Lighting control product (Hard-wired indoor and outdoor timers and motion sensors, Hard-wired dimmer switches

ENERGY STAR® certified indoor light fixtures (hard-wired)

  • $3 per unit for 1 or 2 sockets
  • $10 per unit for 3 or more sockets

**All CACs are eligible as long as they have a minimum SEER of 15 and minimum EER of 12.5, as identified by the AHRI Certification Directory.

Custom Incentives
You may be eligible for Custom Incentives if your project does not qualify under Prescriptive and Performance-Based funding streams.

There are 4 types of qualifying measures:

  • Space heating
  • Space cooling
  • Building envelope
  • Water heating

Additional conditions apply. Our team can walk you through the details of Custom Incentives and help you assess your project.



  • be located in Ontario;
  • be 3 or fewer storeys in height;
  • have a building area not to exceed 600 m2
  • be used for residential occupancies; and
  • be connected to, or be behind the meter of another electricity consumer connected to the LDC’s Distribution System.


  • New residential builds (before framing commences)
  • Major existing building renovation (before renovation starts)

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