Contractor Services

Man installing spray foam

We can work with you and your client on:

Training your trades and suppliers

We have a long history training in various standards and protocols: R2000, Energy Star, EnerGuide and others, and we have developed courses for trades and suppliers with the sponsorship of the Ontario Building Officials Association and Building Code authorities.

Setting goals

We help manage the homeowner’s expectations with regards to energy efficiency and make recommendations according to priorities and budget.

Designing & Planning

We work with you to plan and specify the assembly and products to be used ranging from efficient coatings for windows, selection and sizing of high performance HVAC equipment and a special focus on the thermal envelope of the home.

Approvals & Execution

We work with you to ensure that the envelope will be assembled with care and ensure that it reaches the minimum standard set. Air barrier testing, insulation and by-pass inspection and pre-drywall inspection, with careful planning, will reach the target.

Energy Conservation in Action

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