Home Assistance Program

Introducing the saveONenergy HOME ASSISTANCE Program

Funded by the Ontario Power Authority and administered by local electric utilities, the HOME ASSISTANCE Program is managed by GreenSaver for all the utilities listed to the left.

The program is aimed at reducing the energy burden for those in need and,  eligible participants can get free home improvement on the following, depending on the heating and housing type and the existing efficiencies:

  • Lights
  • Electric Power Bars
  • Showerheads, Aerators, Pipe Wrap and Tank Wrap
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, De-humidifiers, and Window Air-conditioners
  • Draftproofing
  • Basement, Wall, and Attic Insulation

If you have limited income and are having difficulty with rising electricity bills, the Home Assistance program can help. Click “here” to learn more or call us.


Participant Testimonial: Douglas Brunner.


Home Assistance News

The Home Assistance News monthly newsletter is published by GreenSaver for sector stakeholders to keep you informed about the program and better enable you to refer potential applicants.

Click here to view an archive of past newsletters.

Eligible Housing

Virtually all housing types can benefit from this program, but homes with electric hot water or electric heating are eligible for further upgrades. Tenants can benefit as well, but some restriction apply

Income Qualification (Pick one option)

Option 1

Your annual household income (before-tax income of all household members, age 18 or older) is the same or less than the
amounts shown:

People living in home        Household income
1 person                                         $31,923
2 persons                                       $39,744
3 persons                                       $48,861
4 persons                                       $59,322
5 persons                                       $67,283
6 persons                                       $75,882
7 or more persons                         $84,484

Option 2

You have received one of the following
for the past 12 months:

  • National Child Benefit Supplement
  • Allowance for the Survivor
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Allowance for Seniors
  • Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • You have received Utility Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) grant within the past 12 months.

Before applying, please confirm that your name appears on the electric utility bill (unless you live in social housing).  If you are a tenant, we will get the written consent of your building’s owner or manager to participate in the program.

Important note: If you live in social and/or assisted housing, please ask your housing provider to apply, and pick up the HOME ASSISTANCE brochure for social housing providers.



The HOME ASSISTANCE program includes:

1.  A detailed in-home energy assessment

A HOME ASSISTANCE technician from GreenSaver will work with you to assess how energy efficient your home is now. The technician will look at all the factors that affect your energy use, including:

  • what light bulbs you are using,
  • how old your major appliances are, and
  • whether drafts are coming in through your doors, windows, attic or basement.

2.  Professional installation

Based on the results of your assessment, GreenSaver’s HOME ASSISTANCE technician will install the energy-efficiency upgrades your home qualifies for. These upgrades may include:

  •  energy-saving light bulbs
  •  a power bar
  •  a low-flow showerhead
  •  faucet aerators
  •  a programmable thermostat, and/or
  •  weatherstripping around your doors and windows.

Our HOME ASSISTANCE technician will also be able to advise if your home is eligible for a new, energy-efficient refrigerator or other appliances, such as a room air conditioner, or additional insulation in your attic or basement.

3.  Helpful advice

GreenSaver’s HOME ASSISTANCE technician will also:

give you advice about how you can change what you do now to save energy, and make sure you know how to use all your new energy-saving upgrades correctly.

How do I apply?

To apply, either download the HOME ASSISTANCE program application from your utility below or call GreenSaver at 1-855-591-0877 or email hap@greensaver.org.

Download Applications

Application Downloading Instructions

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If your are a Homeowner:

If your are a Building Owner / Manager:

If your are a Social or Assisted Housing Manager: