Teaching and Reaching

One thing we’ve learned through our many years of experience is that the success of any CDM program is dependent on knowing your target audience and how it is likely to adapt to change. It is human to resist change and adopt new behaviours – and the energy conservation arena is no exception.

Transforming ‘how-it’s-done’

The market transformation process for a specific end-use technology or behaviour typically includes years of aggressive programming delivery. GreenSaver’s approach incorporates the marketing of targeted communications paired with local grassroots engagement. CDM programming works best with a local presence and with buy-in from community leaders where possible. Working with trusted local leaders and organizations builds on existing relationships and networks to accelerate end-user support. A case in point: GreenSaver implemented a two-pronged end-user education program to support MEER. Local outreach activities were conducted with property managers through a Rebate Road Show, and with tenants through the Greener Together program. These activities were extended across the province – Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor and beyond.

Reaching the hard-to-reach

Understanding your target market is imperative to the success of any CDM program, and reaching segments such as low-income homeowners and seniors can be particularly challenging. Traditional blanket marketing campaigns designed to reach ‘everyone’ are ineffective and expensive. GreenSaver has a sophisticated understanding of how to engage these audiences. Much of this has been acquired through our experience managing two key low-income programs in Ontario – Home Energy Help and Enbridge’s Home Weatherization Program.

Exact measurements and results

GreenSaver develops innovative solutions that engage markets and deliver tangible and fully measurable conservation results. We bring a deep understanding of the unique requirements of detailed reporting that government-funded programs require. We can be relied upon to deliver the highest degree of financial prudence, traceability and operational transparency. We have sophisticated tools to track and report program success right down to the kWh, the dollar and other required metrics.