Program Successes

MEER: 1,200 buildings, more than half a million energy efficient improvements

The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates (MEER) initiative was an Ontario Power Authority program offering over $25 million in energy efficiency rebates to multi-residential property owners and managers.

MEER offered incentives to replace/upgrade outdated, energy-consuming controls, systems and appliances. Typical upgrades included thermostats, Energy Star® appliances including clothes washers, natural gas dryers and dishwashers, ceiling fans, T8 /T5 fluorescent light fixtures, garage and common area lighting, air handlers, variable speed drives, and elevators.

GreenSaver managed MEER province-wide, including marketing the program to thousands of Ontario property owners. We staged informative interactive customer awareness events and aggressively promoted MEER at industry trade shows. GreenSaver developed and maintained the MEER website using video testimonials from participants.

Power Savings Blitz: Reducing small-business energy use on a grand scale

GreenSaver was tasked by the OPA to develop and pilot this program aimed at small commercial customers. We worked closely with LDCs PowerStream and Enbridge to develop the parameters for this very successful program.

Small businesses with demand under 50kW and located within target areas of participating local electricity distribution companies were offered free lighting and hot water systems upgrades. Valued at between $300 and $1,000, the upgrades replaced old inefficient lighting with low-energy-consuming alternatives and improved hot water systems by insulating heaters and piping. The idea was long-term savings through greatly-improved energy efficiency. The Blitz included removal of spent fluorescent tubes for proper recycling through the Take Back The Light program.

ERIP: Helping Ontario businesses save money

The Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program pairs the Ontario Power Authority with LDCs to assist commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural customers in conserving energy and shifting loads from periods of peak demand to off-peak times. ERIP’s attractive incentive package helps businesses save money on high-efficiency electricity retrofits at their existing structures.

Greener Together: Energy savings, one residential unit at a time

Greener Together was designed to be a fun and participatory energy savings education program for residents of apartments, condominiums, social and assisted housing.

GreenSaver ambassadors hosted events focused around energy savings for residents including the exchange of incandescent bulbs with CFLs, letting sunlight in through windows in winter to capture heat, running appliances at off-peak hours etc. The website enhanced this message. GreenSaver reached approximately 25,000 households over a 10-month period.

Rebates Road Show: Innovative Outreach

This province-wide series of lunch-and-learn seminars for building owners and managers provided information on energy efficiency rebates for multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Over 30 events were held across Ontario in conjunction with direct mail, and email promotions that were delivered to over 3,000 properties. This GreenSaver initiative is an example of our innovative outreach methods tailored to achieve conservation targets.

Enbridge Home Weatherization: Helping those in need reduce energy use

This program offered insulation and draft-proofing services free of charge to Enbridge customers in financial need.

GreenSaver Certified Energy Auditors first conducted household energy audits, inspecting attics, walls, foundations, insulation, heating systems, water heaters and ventilation systems. Contractors then undertook the repairs, with GreenSaver completing the follow-up, by measuring the energy efficiency improvements. Over 350 audits led to more than 160 retrofits, saving in excess of 36,000 kWh.

Home Energy Help: Saving Toronto over 320,000 kWh

A first for this sector, HELP was another excellent program for those in financial need. Managed by GreenSaver on behalf of Toronto Hydro, the City of Toronto and Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Customers in financial need are eligible for home energy-saving upgrades like insulation, HVAC, lighting, windows, toilets, etc. It is our first collaborative program with the three parties. The objective is reach over 300 households by the end of 2011. Recipients will save between $300-$500 on energy bills annually, while the city can expect to save at least 320,000 kWh of electricity. This is the first truly holistic gas-electric conservation program in Ontario and will be used as a template for similar programs throughout the province.