Program Services

Conservation Demand Management services that help you reach and exceed your goals.

We design our services suit to your unique needs, whether they be comprehensive turnkey program delivery or on a project basis to support your existing efforts.We bring skills to the table that no one else in the energy efficiency world can match. Our approach is always personable, innovative and creatively executed. Nevertheless we are precise and exacting with respect to record-keeping, reporting, data management and financial regulations.

GreenSaver has extensive experience with the OPA, OEB, various gas utilities, regulators and other industry stakeholders. We offer the flexibility to custom-tailor programs to any size, having successfully administered small, groundbreaking pilots to sophisticated province-wide programs.

Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Strategic program portfolio planning to maximize conservation potential and cost savings

Market Engagement

  • Strategic marketing, sector engagement and community outreach
  • Targeted program outreach
  • Network and channel building resources

Market Research

  • Segment specific, technology scans, best practices, customer intelligence and satisfaction surveys
  • Expertise in marketing hard-to-reach segments such as seniors and low income home owners

Operational Management

  • Full back-office program support and tracking, application review, data management, rebate processing and reporting
  • Expertise in designing programs with measurable results

Energy Evaluation

  • Analysis, project evaluation, data metrics

Capacity & Capability Development

  • Sector-specific training, grass roots marketing, education and outreach

Reporting & Filing

  • Detailed reporting and LRAM, regulatory filing

Verification Services

  • On site verification of savings, reporting, field services co-ordination, energy efficiency retrofit services