Insulation and Draft-Proofing

High tenant turnover can have significant costs, but you can minimize them by ensuring your residents are comfortable in their homes and their heating and cooling costs are affordable. Drafts, cold floors and high energy bills can cause tenants discomfort. GreenSaver offers a variety of insulation solutions that cut your costs by keeping tenants in your building longer.

Pour Foam

Ideal for older buildings with very narrow wall cavities, pour foam is non-invasive, of a high quality and doesn’t require tearing down walls to make the individual units more comfortable.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation can be great for both new construction and older buildings – many of which have little or no insulation at all. Applied to attics, basements, behind plaster or drywall, porches and garages, it expands and hardens in under a minute.

Dense-Packed Cellulose

The least intrusive, easiest and cleanest method of insulating a finished wall, dense packed wall insulation consists of loose pieces of cellulose (made from wood).

Loose Cellulose

Quick and easy, loose cellulose can be blown-in overtop of existing insulation, or to cover bare attic floors. Best of all, it keeps critters out of the attic better than any other insulation – a valuable feature for new tenants and owners.


GreenSaver offers, effective solutions for minimizing drafts and maximizing building comfort and energy efficiency. They range from simple repairs like caulking, weather stripping and weatherizing of mail slots and electrical gaskets to expanding foam treatments for poorly insulated walls or other areas.

Our strategic approach maximizes your building’s cost-efficiency

We use home depressurization technology to guide our work which lets us identify key areas to be sealed. Our draft-proofing is executed strategically and methodically to ensure the job is done cost-efficiently.

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