Innovation Pilots

The climate for LDC innovation has never been better than it is now.

GreenSaver has a long and proud history of working with Ontario electric and gas utilities on pilot initiatives to test new technologies and improved program delivery models.

The Conservation First Framework 2015-2020 has set aggressive energy targets for all LDCs, and innovation pilots will be essential to meeting this market demand.  GreenSaver can provide solutions based on your target needs, or we can implement pilot programs “turn-key,” handling every aspect of delivery.  Contact us to find out how.

We have worked with LDCs on an individual basis, groups of LDCs together on Federal initiatives, and with gas utilities on program innovations as the conservation landscape matured into what we know it today, including:

  • IESO ECM Furnace Fan Upstream Residential Pilot, 3 LDC collaboration
  • OPA Small Commercial Refrigeration Pilot – PowerStream
  • OPA Small Business Lighting Pilot – PowerStream
  • Residential Weatherization Pilot – Union Gas
  • Toronto Community Housing Weatherization Pilot – Toronto Hydro
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Energy Conservation in Action

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